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About Salmontini Le Bistro

DIFC, Dubai

Located in the heart of Dubai’s busy financial centre, Salmontini Le Bistro is the latest trendy place to try. Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as savor succulent SMOKED SALMON EGGS BENEDICT, homemade LOBSTER ROLLS, and mouth-watering classics that have made Salmontini’s stellar reputation for the past 16 years in Dubai’s restaurant scene. Foodaholics can indulge in their favourite meals in a laid-back environment.
Although salmon remains the signature dish at Salmontini Le Bistro, the restaurant offers a much wider variety of food and excels in SEAFOOD SPECIALTIES, METICULOUSLY PREPARED MEAT DISHES, FRESH SALADS AND SUSHI.

The rich and diverse menu offering caters to every food palate.