“Smoked with passion, driven by tradition”, says Joe Bassili of Salmontini. Apart from the various health benefits found in salmon that makes it a preferred choice to other fishes out there, no one should miss its unique taste and flavour. However, your maximum enjoyment of this gift of nature depends on who prepares it and how it’s made for you!

Salmontini, with her over two decades of expertise, passionate well-trained staff, and flawless process, boasts of giving you maximum enjoyment even to the last bite.


1) We get from the source

We do not settle for good. We scout for the best. We go as far as the rugged landscape of the Scottish Isles, the home of the finest salmon in the world to make sure your maximum satisfaction is guaranteed.


2) Only the fresh is fresh enough

Every fish caught and delivered on ice by plane twice weekly to ensure maximum freshness and flavour. Joe Bassili makes sure it doesn’t take more than just a day for our salmon to come out of the water in the Outer Hebrides to when it arrives in the Dubai smokehouse.


3) Hand crafted

On arrival, the salmon is filleted and hand packaged by our team of experts so we can check first the freshness in the eyes and gills before it goes into our smoker. Our practice is unlike what you get in the UK where the process is done by machine which damages the fish and causes waste.


4) We smoke our salmon ourselves

At our own smoke house in Dubai, every fish is filleted, salted, rested and then Oakwood smoked.


5) We still follow the traditional process

Using traditional techniques learned from the masters of the trade in Scotland and perfected by Joe Bassili, the Salmon is filleted with patience and delicacy.


6) We are passionate about salmon

Having completed a careful process of preparation by experts who are passionate about fine cuisine and delicate natural flavours.


7) We use natural ingredients

Experience is the master! It has taught us to trust natural ingredients to complement our secret method.


8) The renowned chefs trust us

Five Star Hotels, Award-Winning Chefs, and Food Connoisseurs have consistently trusted us for their salmon supplies for over twenty years.


9) Long enough to be delicious enough

We use top quality Reich smoker for between 24 and 28 hours. Once smoked it is de-boned by hand and then hand-sliced.


10) There’s a secret

Because the taste of the pudding is in the eating, visiting Salmontini is the only way you can experience our secret sauce!